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Aug 4 2018 Spectators Race FWD Shoot Out Race #5 DOUBLE POINTS IN ALL DIVISION

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2018 Limited Sportsman

GENERAL - tech man has right to check this every week

· No nitrous or traction control
· cars must be neat in appearance
· car must weigh 3200 pounds with driver after race
· 8" wheels max
· Hoosier medium or hard emod or 500 series tire or American Racer Stocker
· may run beadlocks but must face outside
· may run offset rims and wheel spacers
· brake adjusters ok
· racing pedal assemblies ok
· oem brake calipers only - doesn’t have to match year and model - NO ALUMINUM
· headers are legal
· fuel cell must be mounted inside of trunk with firewall between driver and fuel cell
· seat must be securely fastened to frame and/or roll cage
· track fuel only - must pass track test
· cars must have number on sides and top and able to be read by score tower

BODY - visual protest only
· from ground to top of spoiler cannot exceed 50"
· must have floor pan under driver
· 1970 or newer American made car
· no station wagons, trucks, jeeps, or convertibles
· rear of car may be opened
· 13" minimum door and rear glass opening
· may run a 6" by 60" spoiler and may run a small bracket to support it - can be adjustable
· may notch frame for fuel pump only
· interior can be boxed in
· after market nose piece ok
· breather may protrude through hood
· all firewall holes must be covered
· may replace firewall with steel or aluminum metal
· may replace dash with sheet metal - interior metal cannot be higher than dash
· may use lexan in rear side windows
· bumper cannot exceed past the inside of the rear tire or must run a bumper cover
· may run side spoilers 12" long by 6" in height

· must match make and model of car - 1" tolerance +/- allowed
· no shortening of frame - must be stock - no x-ing beyond front or rear firewall
· no cutting of frame - except for fuel pump
· fords may run perimeter framed chasis with unified body - frame must have stock dimension
with no alterations for year model claimed
· may tie front and rear suspension together - under rocker panel only
· can run 30" square tubing from rear bumper - length between eyes must be stock
· #1 spark plug must be even with ball joint - no tolerance

· any oem stock size engine with flat top pistons - not to exceed 365 c.i.
· 2 eye brows legal
· stock type fuel pump
· only vacuum systems powered by exhaust legal
· any steel rod - no aluminum or titanium
· crankshaft:
· may use 305 crank with a 350
· no knife edging or lightening, etc
· steel crank must weigh 50 lbs
· cast crank must weigh 48 lbs
· no stroking or destroking
· for balancing purposes the counter weights may be turned - must maintain 1.950 for steel
and 1.750 for cast or may drill
· scat
· eagle
· crower #ps95121 lunati or calis
· gm crower steel crank #sp-95121 is the only gun drilled crank that is legal
· only way to balance is drill the counter weights
· no mallory or plugs
· after market oil pan is ok
· no dry sumps allowed
· any timing chain - no belt or gear drives
· any oem chevy or ford cast block straps or spayed caps ok

· stock straight plug heads only
· no vortec heads
· may run dart head part number 10110010F - must be box stock
· 47 CC MIN
· any size diameter valve spring
· screw in studs and guide plates legal
· any roller rocker arm only - steel or aluminum only
· any steel or titanium retainer
· 3/4 inch blend ok in oem heads only
· no porting or polishing
· steel valves only
· stock stem diameter
· chevrolet max valve size - 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust

· stock cast iron
· no porting or polishing
· may run any aluminum intake but no modifications

· holley 650 cfm #0-4777 - no modifications

· solid lift flat tappet cam
· maximum .500 lift at valve with .025 lash
· no swapping of any lobes - must be in stock order

· triple disc clutch is ok
· must have stock automatic oem flywheel
· minimum 5 1/2" diameter clutch
· no carbon fiber

· must have atleast one working forward and reverse gear
· no lightening of gears
· may remove unused gears
· may run bert or brinn transmission

· minimum of 1 1/2" diameter
· no carbon fiber

· stock type ignition
· no altering firing order
· brass gear is legal
· no msd with boxes
· no crank triggers

· may run jacking screws
· 9" ford or floater ok
· disc brakes ok - doesn't have to match make of car
· can cut top of trailing arms for pinion angle

· leaf spring cars can run 1 adjustable lowering block on right side only
· coil spring cars may adjust bottom trailing arm on right side up to 1" from stock length
· top front a-arm type ok - all others must be stock
· adjustable buckets on front springs ok
· shocks must be in stock location, may move for travel only, cannot change angle
· lowering blocks ok
· adjustable buckets in rear ok
· all hook up points on chasis must be in stock location
· rear shock location must be stock, may move for travel only
· cannot change angle of rear shock
· after market bushing in a-frames and trailing arms ok but may not swivel
· may run heim joints on on rear shocks only
· may run any racing shock that is self contained
· no exterior reservoir allowed gas or oil
· may cut center of upper spring bucket to extend springs for clearance but must retain stock
outer part of bucket with 7" hole for spring to go through.

· protest bottom - $600
· protest any 3 items - $300
· acceptance fee - $100
· track keeps $100
· could be required to add weight to cars from other track who normally do not race at Harris
speedway to adjust to the rules - will be significant weight though
· Tech man has final say
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