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2019 Pure Stock

Pure Stock 2019
tech man has right to check this every week
∑ No nitrous or traction control
∑ may run engine fan, no electric fan
∑ may run air breather, aftermarket ok. Cannot protrude though hood. No
air box
∑ Ford solenoid, radiator, and fan shroud can be made from aluminum
∑ all 14" or 15" rims. Battle bands allowed on Stock wheels only. Mud covers are allowed on any wheels.
∑ 7" racing wheels legal - must have 4" offset and all be the same - no spacers - no beadlocks
∑ no dot racing tires
∑ tires - any 70, 75, or 78 series street legal d.o.t. Tires - doesn't have to
be same size
∑ no truck, mud grips, high performance, directional, special order, snow, trick gumball, fancy, or exotic tires of any kind
∑ large 1" wheelnuts are ok
∑ battery may be moved to inside driverís compartment and must be
enclosed and securely mounted
∑ rollcage required - must be 4 point with 3 driverís side bars and 2 right
side bars minimum
∑ may run bars to radiator but may not protrude through radiator support
∑ may run bars to back but no bumper bars protruding outside
∑ fuel cell mandatory with 22 gallon max - hole in trunk may have 3"
clearance cut around cell
∑ must have steel firewall where back seat was
∑ no lead or any weight may be added to car
∑ exhaust must be stock cast iron. No center dump manifolds. No x pipes
or h pipes. Factory y ok
∑ aluminum radiator ok
∑ fuel cell must be mounted inside of trunk with firewall between driver
and fuel cell
∑ cars must have number on sides and top and able to be read by score
∑ stock unless otherwise stated
∑ stock brakes

BODY - visual protest only
∑ stock unless otherwise stated
∑ 1968 or newer American made car
∑ complete stock body must be retained. Can cut 2" below factory crease
to replace body panels
∑ may use steel 2" below factory crease for quarter panels but must look
stock and 20 gage steel
∑ may use steel doors but must look stock and I do mean stock 20 gage
∑ may run rubber nose - top and bottom OK
∑ no cutting, chopping, channeling, shortening
∑ hood hinges may be removed
∑ all chrome, plastic and glass must be removed
∑ steering column must remain stock but may use quick release steering
∑ may use hood pins to hold hood down
∑ all firewall holes must be covered
∑ must have stock firewall in original location
∑ may replace dash with sheet metal

∑ stock only

∑ engine must be strictly stock for that make and model and in original
∑ repaired engine parts must be approved
- stock type oil pans only, no baffles
∑ 1 piece rear seal block ok
∑ no high performance engines or special order parts
∑ .060 over bore max.
∑ stock blocks only
∑ must be stock replacement low compression piston
∑ no flat top 4 eyebrow piston - must be dished
- no cutting tops of pistons
∑ speedpro H423 NCP replacement piston ok
∑ pistons must be at least .009" in block
∑ no bottoming of lifters
∑ stock crankshaft
∑ no knife edging or lightening, etc
∑ cast crank must weigh 48 lbs.
∑ no stroking or destroking
∑ no balancing
∑ journals may be turned no more than .060"
∑ rod width may not be less than .940
∑ stock timing chain gear set only no offset key ways
- no offset woodruff keyways
∑ balancer 6 3/4 by 1" no machining
- no powder rods in any engine

∑ heads for make and model
∑ heads can't vary more than 4cc's from stock
∑ no angle milling
∑ stock size of valve for make and model
- no under cut or cutting of valves
∑ valve springs can be z28 springs
∑ shims can be used under valve springs with a limit of .60 per string
∑ may use off set locks but not with shims
- any stock steel replacement retainers equalant or heavier than stock
∑ rocker arms must be stock, no long slotted rockers
∑ no porting or polishing
∑ steel valves only
∑ stock stem diameter
∑ cannot run 993 or 441 heads
∑ no cutting under 45- no competition valve job - no 3 angle valve jobs allowed

∑ stock cast iron
∑ no Holley pattern factory intakes
∑ aluminum intakes on factory original cars must remain unpainted
∑ Can block off exhaust gas crossover
∑ must be a stock 2 or 4 barrel only
∑ no modifications except choke flap removal
∑ no removal of choke horn
∑ No spacer of any kind 1/4 inch gasket only

∑ stock timing chain only
∑ or Cloyes C-3023X adjustable timing chain ok
∑ .390 - .410 lift
∑ 112 lobe separation +/- 1 degree
∑ advancing or retarding the cam in car with adjustable timing ok
∑ Cloyes C-3023X only - no cam buttons
∑ stock cam or stock replacement cam only
∑ duration for intake + a 2 degrees variance
∑ .006 - 256 degrees
∑ .050 - 195 degrees
∑ .200 - 95 degrees
∑ duration for exhaust + a 2 degrees variance
∑ .006 - 261 degrees
∑ .050 - 202 degrees
∑ .200 - 106 degrees
∑ must have 18" vacuum at 1000 rpm
∑ hydraulic cam and lifters only
∑ Cams CS-274 Sealed Power and CCS-2 Melling are a stock
produced cam and will be looked at with a little more
variance. All custom ground cams will be required to meet the
above specifications.

∑ automatic transmission torque converter stock type and 11" minimum
∑ may have a cooler mounted in the drivers compartment
∑ automatic transmission only - no power glide
∑ may run an aftermarket shifter.

∑ has to be stock for model of car
∑ no carbon fiber
∑ a "U" or square type safety loop on front of drive shaft assembly is

∑ stock type ignition
∑ stock type distributor only
∑ no high performance distributors or high performance parts
∑ no altering firing order

∑ must be stock for make and model
∑ no gear lower than 3.73
∑ may weld spider gears
∑ positraction rear ok
∑ shocks have to be in stock location
∑ no lightening of any parts
∑ all components must be made of steel

∑ stock only for make and model, stock shocks only. No performance
shocks. Must have part number, will be checked for make model. Stock
springs for make and model
∑ 10" maximum arch height on rear springs
∑ 1/2" tolerance on front springs on stock height

∑ protest bottom - $600 tech fee $100 CHOOSE ONE
1) remove crank weigh and inspect crank and journal, visual rod and piston from bottom not removing. crank will be weighed with gear and pilot bushing
2) remove 1 rod and piston from engine. visual crank and journals in place
∑ protest any 3 items - $300
- acceptance fee - $100
- protest cam $300
∑ acceptance fee - $100
∑ track retains $100
∑ claimer rule on transmission - $400 - may buy torque converter for
additional $100
∑ Can use transmission for one of the three protested items but it is a visual
inspection only to check for type, will not be removed from car
∑ Can protest head for one of the three protested items, but can buy both
heads for $500 and intake $100
∑ Tech man has final say
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