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Enduro Rules

-Any 4,6,8 cylinder cars, mini van, or small truck (S-10, Ranger, Tacoma, etc.)
-All drivers must have valid driver's license, under 18 requires minor waiver by parent or legal guardian
-Must remain stock! (NO RACE CARS)
-Must remove all glass, tail lights, and head lights
-Must remove all airbags
-Must have AT LEAST a roll over bar, NO MORE than a 4-point cage (may have bracing and door bars within 4-points)
-Racing seat and harnesses highly recommended
-Only gutting of body and interior as needed for cage installation
-Weld all dorors, hood must be secured, must have minimum of 6" hole in hood for safety crew
-Vehicle must have transponder to be scored
-Race receivers are mandatory
-Must wear helmet and fire suit. Gloves and shoes highly recommended.
-Fire extinguisher required, safely secured in vehicle, within reach of the driver
-Cars will be lined up to start in the order they come through tech

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