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Train race rules

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Train race rules July 2nd 2017
Car: Any car, truck, van, or Suv. Group of 3 vehicles chained together with a minimum of 4ft of chain or a maximum of 6ft. of chain bumper to bumper between cars. 2 chains required between cars.

Front car must have fully disabled brakes and working engine.
Middle car no engine and no brakes. (Can take engine and trans. out)
Rear car no engine (but must leave engine in car) and working brakes.
Doors must be chained or welded closed. Driversí door must be reinforced. (can use concrete)Concrete must stay down 4 inches from top of door. Bars on door must be 12 inches or closer together. All ends of reinforcement must be squared off not sharp.

Roll cage is optional but must have at least a hoop style roll bar behind the drivers head in all cars. Bar is to be securely braced and fastened to frame or unibody.

Exhaust pipes may extend straight up through hood but not to exceed roof height.

Fire extinguisher is optional but must be securely fastened.
Firewall dividing the engine and driver must remain intact and all holes covered with metal.

Driversí seat must reinforced. All other seats and interior must be removed. All glass must be removed. (No loose items in car or trunk.)

Hood and trunks have to be pined down or chained and remove springs. Hood should have a 6 inch hole in center that is mandatory.

Gas tank in rear of car must be removed and relocated in front of the rear axle. Can be replaced with a fuel cell or a 5 gal. marine type fuel metal can. Fuel tank must be securely fastened down. 5 GAL.OF FUEL ONLY.

Electric fuel pumps must have a clearly marked shut off switch within drivers reach.

Safety Equipment: 5- point harness is mandatory, helmets, and drivers jacket mandatory. (Full suit recommended) Window nets recommended and racing gloves.


Trans. must be stock for make and model
Wheels must be stock NO MUD GRIP TIRES street tires only.
No in-car radios. Can video.

$100.00 entry fee dead line on June 17th any after that will be $125.00.

Must have at least 3 sign ups to run race
Line up will be done by entry date.

You can pick up entry forms at pay out window in the pits this coming Saturday night May 27th.
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