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Lawnmower Rules


I. Driver Eligibility

Drivers must be 18 years of age or older. Any drivers under 18 MUST have parent’s signature.

II. Driver Safety Equipment

a. Every driver must wear an automobile racing or motorcycle-type full face helmet.
b. The helmet must fit snugly and be securely buckled when driver is on the track. Long hair MUST be kept inside the helmet. Goggles or a face shield is recommended.
c. Ever y driver must wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt or jacket. No loose clothing (un-tucked, unbuttoned, etc. )

III. Mower Eligibility

a. Events are open to all self-propelled rotary or reel type lawn mowers; the main provision being that the mower must originally have been designed, mass produced, and sold commercially through a dealer network to mow residential lawns. No Commercial Mowers
b. The generally accepted category is riding mowers and lawn tractors with rear tires 20-inches diameter and under.
c. Organizers reserve the right to reject at any time, any mower which, in their opinion represents an attempt to defeat the spirit of the Regulations, even though it complies with the letter of them.

IV. Technical Inspection

Every mower entered in any event must be approved for competition before practicing or racing at any event. If found to be in noncompliance with the Regulations, any mower may be removed from the competition.

V. General Mower Requirements


b. ONLY LAWNMOWER ENGINES. No motorcycle, liquid-cooled, or over head cam engines. Engines must be manufactured for mower.
c. All mowers must be equipped with a kill switch, which will turn off the ignition if the driver leaves the mower. Non-stock mowers shall use a tether, mechanically attached to mower and driver. Velcro or magnetic mechanisms are not acceptable.
d. Mower brakes must be in good condition, easily operated and operating on at least two wheels.
e. Throttle and brake controls may be relocated.
f. Discrete strengthening is allowed. Front and rear axles must use original frame as primary mounting point.
g. Mowers must be free of projections, which could injure the driver or a competitor, or damage other mowers. No axle or wheel mounting bolts may protrude beyond the face of the tire sidewall.
h. Mowers must be safe and complete, all parts and panels in place, with no missing nuts, bolts, cotter keys, etc.
i. All exposed chains and sprockets must be fitted with metal guards, which will direct a broken chain downward.
j. Glass headlights must be taped or removed.
k. All positively charged terminals must be insulated with a cover or heavy tape, and battery must be well secured.
l. All mowers that do not have the top of the engine completely covered by the hood must have the flywheel covered either by the recoil housing, the stock wire housing or r

m. Tires must be lawn tractor tires. No Snow Hog, tiller, ATV, commercial mower or performance compound or competition kart tires.
n. No centrifugal and/or torque converter clutches.
o. Minimum 4-inch ground clearance to frame.
p. Fuel lines must be clamped at all joints.
q. All mowers must utilize a clutch unless hydrostat.

VI. Fuel and Fuel Delivery

a. The only acceptable fuel is pump gasoline
b. Any apparatus other than the carburetor or fuel injector, which can be used to introduce any gaseous or liquid substance into the induction flow, whether connected or not, is prohibited, and will result in disqualification.
c. Such devices include but are not limited to: Nitrous Oxide, alcohol or water injection systems, turbo or superchargers and/or the attendant hardware consistent with these systems.
d. Any attempt to conceal or disguise such apparatus will be considered a flagrant violation and may result in expulsion from the race.

VII. Motor cannot be over 22 horse power.

e. These mowers are as delivered from the factory except for the modifications listed below:
i. Engine must be originally manufactured for use in lawn mowing equipment and be stock in appearance, with the exception of air filter, air cleaner or velocity stack. Crankshaft must be in original orientation and clearance hole in the frame. Engine may be internally modified.
ii. Exhaust design is open, but must terminate away from driver and competitors in a rearward and/or downward direction and present no apparent safety hazard.
iii. Starter must be onboard, either electric or pull-rope.
iv. Driveline may be modified from the engine pulley to the rear wheels, but must utilize a shiftable lawnmower transmission or transaxle unless hydrostat.
v. Rear axle may use open differential, locked, “live” or solid axle. Single wheel drives are also acceptable.
vi. No centrifugal and/or torque converter clutches.
vii. Front axle may be pinned, bolted or welded into stock position. No suspension, no shock
absorbers. Axles must have a 1-piece beam.
viii. Front axle and steering may be reinforced, substituted or fabricated. In the case of racer-fabricated axles, aluminum may not be used as the material for the 1-piece axle.
ix. Shaft locks, center-drilled axle with locking bolts, castellated nuts with cotter pins are
acceptable for securing front wheels. Cotter pins, E-rings and C-rings alone, bent nails, hitch
pins, over-center pins and quick-release pins are not sufficient for wheel retention and are not approved.
x. Wheels must be the same size on each axle, of any origin, made of metal. No dual or tandem wheels.
xi. All parts should be of lawn mower origin with the exception of those specifically mentioned
xii. Must use axle mounted brakes, lawnmower brake will work if you can prove it will stop
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