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2018 V6 Front Wheel Drive

V6 Front Wheel Drive
This division is open to any GM, Ford, or Chrysler 2-door or 4-door full size
front wheel drive car. No vans, pick-ups, convertibles, four wheel drives, jeep type vehicles. Cars must be production V-6 engine front wheel drive only. The minimum stock wheelbase allowed is 105 inches. No turbo or superchargers.
Must leave vehicle identification number on dash in stock location and must have Haynes or equivalent service manual available at all times.
Car numbers must be painted in a minimum of 24" high numerals on side panels and on the roof in a contrasting color. All lettering must legible from the scoring tower.

Competing Models
1. A complete set of approved roll bars are required in driver's compartment.Must have a minimum 4 point roll cage. Roll bars must be
2. Gutting of factory interior panels only allowed for roll cage clearance.
EXAMPLE: you may remove the inner door bracing if you are replacing it
with door bars.
3. No-bracing in the bumper areas. However, bumpers should be chained or cabled as a safety item to help retain the bumper to the car. No
aftermarket bumpers will be allowed. Must have loop or hook on front and
rear for wrecker.
4. All doors must be welded or strapped.
5. All glass must be removed.
6. All burnable type material, floor mats, head liners, rear seats, etc. must be removed. The rear seat shelf must be left in as a fire stop, and any
openings to the trunk area must be enclosed.
7. Complete bumper to bumper steel unitized body must be retained. No
lightening permitted.
8. The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, trunk and wheel wells must be retained. (Fuel cells, properly attached may be located in the trunk)
9. Cars must retain their strictly stock appearance, no cutting chopping,
channeling, or shortening allowed. Hoods must be kept in place at all
10. Approved window net suggested but not required.
11. Racing approved shoulder harness and lap belts are required. Racing
seat is required.
12. All Air bags must be removed.

Suspension, Tires, Wheels, Weights
1. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model car. No spacers, lumber or chains, etc. may be used to alter stock
suspension of that car.
2. Wheel and tire must be stock for make and model.
3. All tires must be regular passenger car tires. No “DOT” stamped racing
tires, no truck tires, no treated tires. Tires may not be wider than a 225
(example”P225/75r15"). Minimum tread wear rating will be 400. All four
tires must be the same size. No softening of tires.
4. No additional weights may be added to the car.
5. Minimum weight of car will 3000 pounds

1. The engines must be strictly stock for that model and make and in its
original mounts. There will be no turbos or superchargers. No aftermarket external oil coolers.
2. A/C and heat components may be removed.
3. Smog equipment may be removed.
4. Air cleaner to oil pan must be all factory equipment!

1. Stock transmission and differential only.
2. No aftermarket external oil coolers.
3. All transmission lines must be covered or run outside of driver area.
4. Automatic transmissions only will be allowed.

1. Only one radiator can be used.
2. Radiator must remain in original position.
3. No coolant or gas lines in the driver area of car.

1. Fuel cells permitted and may be placed in the trunk area if securely
fastened. Must have a minimum of two (2) steel holding straps. We strongly suggest a racing fuel cell not to exceed 12 gallons. If using factory gas tank it must be original for make and model and in original location.
2. Batteries may be relocated in a securely fastened covered plastic or rubber container.
3. All plastic grills may be removed or replaced with screen mesh.
Headlights, tail lights, outer trim must be removed.
4. No locked differentials.
5. Fire suit required and extinguisher must be mounted within reach of
6. Must have approved helmet.
7. Must be stock unless otherwise stated. Tech man has final say.

Buyout Rule for V6 Stock: $2000.00. Any Competitor finishing in second or third place may claim/buy the car finishing directly in front of them for $2000.
Refusal to sell car results in disqualification and a two week suspension.
Person being claimed may also claim/buy the claimers car for $1,750. Refusal to sell will result in disqualification and a two week suspension. Only the Top 3 (three) finishers may utilize the claim rule. This does not include racing seat, belts and window net (or any additional safety equipment). These divisions are intended for those who wish to race but don’t want to spend a fortune. For those wishing to stretch the rules or spend more than $2000.00 on your race car, then you need to pick another division.
Any sabotage during the course of a claim will result in disqualification and indefinite suspension.
Track officials reserve the right to PROMOTE any car and/or driver out of this division that has shown accelerated progress during or after the season. Track officials reserve the right to make rule changes in this division at any time.
The track reserves the right to add weight to a car that has shown accelerated progress in this division.
Track reserves right to adjust rules in the spirit of competition at any time

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