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Race Results for August 20, 2016

Harris Speedway Results 8/20/16

Car # Stock 4
1) #97 Jamie Mattison
2) #18 Austin Mintz
3) #8v Rich Vasser
4) #OO Cody Ussery
5) #O4 Phillip Wilson
6) #96 Stacy Brock
7) #66 Travis Mabe
8) #1 Michael Fortenberry

Car # Renegade
1) #J1 Chris Jackson
2) #98 Josh Burgess
3) #6 Timmy Smith
4) #O2 Lloyd Dean B.
5) #O1 Treavor Dimsdale
6) #71 Donny Atkins
7) #SM2 David Sprouse
DNS #77 Shane Shires

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