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Race Results for July 28, 2018

Pure Stock

04 Chris Jones
98 Danny Sexton
9 Matt Spencer
3P Mitchell Paris
70 AJ Lynch
15t Keylon Tate
48 Roger Woody
11 Ray Hudson - Heat Only
61 Marty Reid - Heat Only

Young Guns

73 Colby Burks
78 Ethan Fowler
Jr1 Jake Jackson
19 Nathan Prince
61 Matthew Peacock


12 Jason Jolley
98 Josh Burgess
51 Lee Higdon
84 Brett Cooper
77 Jamie Coggins
SS1 Chris Steadman
113 Austin Kimsey
4 Michael Beck
28 Johnny Hipp
64 Michael Fortenberry


2 Brian Lindey
x Chris Williams
25 Josh Whitfield
28 Randy Hill
33 Scott Isbell
1 Blaze Coggins
71 Austin Beacham


15 Daniel Scott
10 Joey Chastin
1 Zach Meinders
5 Tony Grimes
11 Robert Floyd
1 Charlies Meinders
77 Liz Chastin
4 Kevin Brooks
8 Jason Manning
13 Dylan Roberson

Stock 4

84 Kyle Cooper
00 Cody Ussery
28 Kevin Cooper
9 Sammy Stofer
16 Mariah Watterson
98 Danny Sexton
35 Stacy Brock

Thunder Bomber

28 Chris Jackson
02 Chris Jenkins
02 Llyod Burgess
19 Matt Prince
47t Tyler Guice
27A Josh Ayers
51 Pheonix Lawter
99 Jason Jolley
19 Drew Metalf
5w Dewayne Worley
ST7 Heath Henderson
47K Kyle Guice
28XL Bailey Hipp
25 Joe Anders
10 Taylor Johnson - DQ

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